Three out of Five Metallica shows can't be wrong...

Show Number 1

OMG!!! The show was aces! The forum is really tiny. Ten thousand people tiny. Doors were at 1730 and we went in at 1840 hours. Show starts at 1900 hours. We were no where near the rail. I was obsessed about being in front of Rob's bass cabinets. LOL It's "my spot"!!! Mastadon were ok. Like 70s power metal sludge. At the break, we shimmied forward. I told my mate as soon as Lamb of God come on, a pit will break out. We can ride the pit to the rail. So as soon as LoG came on, a pit broke out, and I pogoed and crab walked my way to about the third or fourth row from the rail. From there, we just rode the pit jetty. Eventually we made it to the second people from the rail. Not exactly in front of Rob's bass cabinets. But close enough for government work.

They opened with Life and Line. No surprise there. Pretty standard set: Cyanide, Master, All Nightmare Long - did get Die Die My Darling and Motorbreath for the encore. I was jazzed to hear Fight Fire With Fire and Fuel. You can get the full set list for this show and all others at Met on Tour.

Some of the usual road dog crowd was there. Not as many as in the states. But some of us die hards will go any where to see a good Metallica show. Stand in the same spots. Like clockwork. I hadn't anticipated problems on the rail. Didn't wear my frankenstein braces in Newark, so I felt a smaller venue in Copenhagen would be a walk in the park. Boy was I wrong! Smushed, I tells yas! Smushed! It was like Graspop Maiden smushesd. Could barely move.

Of course, there is always one douche bag - damn Swede! he barged his way up behind us with the intent of supplanting us from our spots. NOT HAPPENING! I've been going to Metallica shows longer than this douche has been alive. I give my spot to no one! He was one determined fucker - kept elbowing and pushing and kneeing us. He got an attitude because we fought back and wouldn't let him thru. My mate ended up with bruises all over her. The Greeks in front of us, well, the taller one got bruised too. To balance it out, we have an absolutely lovely security guy. He kept everyone hydrated. He must have gone thru about six bottles of water. He would just randomly give us sips of water.

After the show finally saw people we knew. It would have been an odd trip to go to a Metallica show and NOT know anyone! What a freakish thought!

Copenhagen is a wickedly expensive city! Everything is in Danish Kroner. It's about 1/6 of a dollar (100 DKK = $18.70) You feel like you are pissing away money on just the basics - FOOD!!!! Ate at the Hard Rock for Club Scandinavia's Bash. We spent about 400 DKK on food and drinks. Mind you, the burgers were quite delish! And the drinks were large. You did get full. But the shock of the bill. Finally, you just have to stop doing maths, suck it up, and get on with it. LOL Thank the goddess Copenhagen is the Hot Dog Capital of the World. This is not official or anything, but the cheapest and most tasty food is their hot dog in all it's lovely forms! LOL The Hot Dog Man rides around in a cart, sometimes they are even motorized. It would behoove you to make him your newest bestest friend!

Also, shop at the 7-11!!!! I got 2 cokes, a 1.5 Liter of water and some cinnamon danish bites for 80 Dkk. The bites lasted for 3 days - ate them for breakfast only. I also had a Bounty ice cream lolly every day!!! If you like ice cream - all the 7-11s, bodega's, shoppettes sell ice cream lollies.


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