And Jersey For All BBQ

Another great AJFA event! They always are, but of course, each one is special. This year Harold hosted the BBQ. This was not an ordinary BBQ. When I walked in Nick, Taran, and Jay were taking the shells off of shrimp. They had about three pounds of shrimp. I"m like, how are you going to put that on a BBQ??? Not to worry. Harold smiled and held up the bacon! I knew I was in for a treat! I watched in awe as Harold picked out the larger shrimp and wrapped the bacon around it. My mouth just watered! OMG!!! Such a master. He told me he used to work in the kitchens back in Puerto Rico. A chef!! AJFA has a resident chef!! And to prove his metal, he took the remaining shrimp, put it in a wok. Walked out the back door to his garden and returned with ... A FRESH ONION!!! He meticulously chopped the onion. Then he grabbed a clove of fresh garlic. All of this went into the wok... with the shrimp... OMG!!! I'm so in love with Harold! If I could hit him over the head with a large club and drag him back to my cave I would! But he's very tall! LOL

Harold is just a master of food! Not to be outdone, Nick and Jay brought two types of sausages and burgers. Harold supplied the HP sauce. I kid you not!!! Harold is an HP connoisseur!!! We had tons of food - as usual!!! Metallica blasted thru the ipods. Including the ever popular blue grass version of Metallica: Fade to Bluegrass It's the best thing for a BBQ. Trust me!

I was well chuffed that people came out. It's always nerve wracking when you plan a party and you don't know if anyone will show. I hadn't seen Harold since the Newark shows. Nick and Taran were at the AJFA Rock Band Metallica party back in April. This was Becca's first AJFA event. We had a great time. But then, we always do! We enjoy each other's company. Just being able to sit around and cook and eat and talk about life, the universe, and everything. I totally love running And Jersey for All. We've got a great bunch of people. I always look forward to when we can get together... and eat. Coz that's what we do best - cook and eat! LOL We love food as much as we love Metallica!!!


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