Metallica Show 45

What happens when you mix caffeine, rabid fans, good music, rum, damn swedes, and no sleep?

  • ended up staying awake for 24 hours

  • got the balcony for tonite's show.

  • took some ace pictures and even fired off a video for Damage, Inc

  • met up with the "Good Swedes" after the gig

  • would like to change J's name to Olaf. He looks like an Olaf. Like he's be right at home with a large ax and the skin of a dead animal as a cape.

  • Carbon is 6 and Oxygen is 8 !! I WAS right! The noble gasses are in the last column: 2, 10, 18, 36, 54.

  • Electrical attraction between water molecules due to its dipole pulls individual molecules closer together, making it more difficult to separate the molecules - ergo, water is a stable molecule.

  • Creeping Death, Holier Than Thou, Four Horsemen, Sad But True, Judas Kiss, Damage Inc, Stone Cold Crazy, Trapped Under Ice

  • D and D are inseperable and hi-larious and shall now be my mates for life!

  • Fell in love with a brummie - got shot down by a brummie - the horror....the horror......

  • Meet me at the irish Rover... Meet me at the Irish Rover....

  • Never give your camera to a drunken brummie....

  • My favourite boy now has TWO jobs. I'm so proud of everything he does!

  • I shall never, as long as I live, forget - it's either 2 or 4!!!!!

  • ahhhhh the politics of club life

  • sometimes opening bands are boring... like watching astro turf grow

  • and sometimes opening bands are the shiznet and really get you into the spirit of the night

  • watching the sun rise with your bestest mates is the most exhilarating feeling in the world

I really love being able to waltz into a venue not twenty minutes before the band comes on and still get a prime spot. I think I may be spoiled! LOL Went up to the cool looking balcony at the Forum. The place is so tiny, you could see the entire state from up there. The laser light show was just eye candy - not yet Pink Floyd, but man oh man was it cool! I was able to get (finally) so me really good snaps and even a video of my favourite song! Yippie!!!!! About halfway thru the show, some drunken tosser and his loser girlfriend tries to barge their way to the rail. They are yelling and fist pumping and just behaving atrociously! He tried jumping over 3 people - and he was shorter than me! We kept shoving him off, but like an errant dog - he wouldn't budge. Then he started dry humping us - OMG! Groady to the max! I went about my business of enjoying the show. This little wanker starts yelling at me... " No taking pictures! We pay to see the show! You shouldn't take pictures! Hey! I said don't you take a picture!". Can you believe it???!!!! Then he tried hitting my arm. I told him to piss off! He ran crying to security. I was told later that the security guy laughed at him. The little troll and his lovely did not come back.

After the show EVERYONE met up at the Irish Rover. It's just past the Fossil and Game Stop. I was well chuffed to see my good Swedes there! They are just so lovely and friendly. The Double -D's were there! The Belgian Contingent. Choice representatives from the UK and NJ. My unforgetable French guy! And a new kid. Much pub fun ensued. We do have pictures. LOL It was quite entertaining!


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