July 19th, 2009 0600 Stansted Airport

Caught the 3am Easy Bus with no problems. Actually spent from 0100 to 0300 on the steps by Stop 8 (behind Victoria on the Plaza). Had plenty of company. London never seems to sleep. About six Germans were sleeping on the steps by Stop 8. Felt a little bad as our antics kept waking them up. Something about having someone singing show tunes and dancing on the steps makes it a bit hard to nap. LOL There were many people catching buses or getting off buses and shuttles. It was quite a busy morning and very entertaining!

Flew Easy Jet to Copenhagen. No problems at check in. The flight was uneventful. Arriving at Copenhagen was .... easy! LOL Gotta love that Danish efficiency! The queues may have seemed long, but they moved quite steadily. Got a 3 zone card for the train into town. Took the M2 to Forum stop. It's traveling a total of 3 zones from the airport to the Forum stop. Cost = 31DKK. It took about 20 minutes and the tube let us off right outside the Forum. That's were Metallica has taken up residence for five shows. Our hotel - Cabinn Express. Is about 200 meters away, the equivalent of 2 and a half blocks.

1157 am Copenhagen

Cabinn was easy to find. Get off at Forum stop. Walk past Forum (Forum on your right and a playground on your left). Go up two blocks to Danas Platz. This street is the same as Danasvej. Turn right. The Cabinn is half block up on your right.

The rooms are small. We booked a three person - a twin bed and a bunkbed. I'm thinking it's the size of a small bedroom 8 feet by 13 feet. The bathroom was total euro: the size of a half bath with toilet and sink with an added "shower". The curtain wraps around, but you get a bit claustraphobic. I keep the curtain open and just close the door. Cabinn provides towels and bedding. It's like a regular hotel. Internet access is free. But there is only one computer (a MAC) in the ground floor lounge area. Never had a problem getting on it when I needed to. There is a breakfast, but it's not included in the price. It's 60DKK extra. We bought it once and it was underwhelming. It was just the basic meat, bread, fruit, cereal, juice, coffee and tea - but I've had better.

1219 hours Copenhagen

Feeling very nauseous. My tummy is in an uproar. I haven't eaten properly - sit down, since Mocha Cafe. I did have that sandwich from Boots, but ate it at 0200 this morning. Haven't slept properly since Thursday night. It's now past noon on Sunday! I've been up about 53 hours. Four different countries. Three time zones. Four airports (Stansted twice). In the same clothes, right down to my knickers!

Are we having fun yet??? HELLA YEAH.... MOST DEFINITELY!! and it ain't over yet!


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