Things to Do in Copenhagen when you are ALIVE!! Tell me how it feels to be alive!!!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 2340 hours Copenhagen

Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Didn't roll out of bed until 1305 hours. I thought it was a mistake,but sure enough - got a "late" start to the day. No worries! Still ended up with a nice full day crammed with fun and interesting stuff.

Went to the 7-11 at the Raadhuspladtz for lunch. 23.50 DKK for two mini's and a coke. Minis are pigs in a blanket. Hot dogs are king in Kobenhavn. Ate int eh pladtz. Just sat there letting the wind tussle my hair. WAtched little kids chase after pigeons. They had the look of sheer glee on their faces. The sun played hide and seek with the clouds. It darted in and out and behind making the day lighten and darken on the changing wind.

After an hour or so, we pushed off to find the DFDS harbour cruise. I love Copenhagen! Everything is within walking distance. It was a five minute walk from the Raadhouspladtz. We had a discount card from the Cabinn, 20% off the cruise. It came to 98DKK for two people. It was lovely! Totally worth it. Another reason to stay at Cabinn - the discount cards! We got to see government buildings, castles, the queen's houses, the opera house, a very posh - $2 million posh - block of apartments. They wree off the canal where it used to be a navy torpedo dry dock. I can't imagine paying that kind of money for a flat. The only view was of other flats, trees, and the tour boats that come by every hour and a half or so! It's not like they had major square footage either. oh well... We also saw a navy battle ship. The tour took us by the mermaid. It's such a famous landmark sculpture. I thought it would be bigger. NOpe. The sculpture is no bigger than I am. It's about five feed tall. I think the lady standing next to it taking a picture was actually bigger than the mermaid. It's very very tiny......

We wandered all around the city after the cruise. We found Diagon Alley! Like in Harry Potter. LOL Well, it LOOKED like Diagon Alley from the movies. We found the university area of the city. It was very "greek". It even had busts of famous Danes'. No, Lars was not among them. Nertz! Had dinner at the train station. Cheap, good food is the motto for the week. I splurged. 32 DKK for a franfurter, pepsi for my mate and for me... an gooey gooey honey pecan buttery flakey pastry!!!

At about 8 pm we found ourselves sitting in the platz. This is the life. Wind in hair. Enjoying the surroundings. Un-harried. Nothing like it. Every day has been an adventure. It's relaxing in a busy way.


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