London Calling

Do I really need to regale you with three more days of My Life in London???? Yesh?? NO??? LOL Fine -here's the blitzkrieg (bad pun) of July 25 to 28.

Easy Jet smells like toast. Yes, fresh breakfast toast with butter and jam. At least the Easy Jet flight from Copenhagen to Stansted smells like toast. It was the most pleasant flight I've ever been on!

Bacardi Apple and Sprite tastes very delicious. Thank you airport lady selling mass quantities of alcohol in the Copenhagen airport!

I am so rocking having only 9.3 kg of checked baggage. This, of course, will end as soon as I do my obligatory shopping at Stamford Bridge and Molton Brown. Not to mention all the pressies my adopted family gives me!

Richmond (last stop on the district line) is a cool place for a pub crawl. Do it early enough in the day and you miss the meat market. It's quite fun and inexpensive. The Thames is the back drop. Just be careful - it will (the river that is) sneak up and flood the area then giggle at you before it recedes to play else where!

Kings Cross had been upgraded from dodgy to dingy.

The Comfort Inn in Kings Cross has the BEST free breakfast I've had in a while - that was free, that wasn't hand made by someone I know. LOL yeah - book on It was $115 for a double. Breakfast included. The staff is unbelievable! Very friendly. Very helpful. The hotel is clean. The food is good! The water pressure in the showers are ace! I recommend 32 to 35 degrees for your shower.

Obligatory trip to Stamford Bridge. It's changed a lot since 1995 - when I first started coming to the Bridge. I walked there from West Kensington. This tour was by my favourite tour guide - Dave! He's got the best stories to tell. Unfortunately, it was a LARGE group. Only about 5 or so supporters - the rest tourists. Rude, talking non-stop tourists. So two of my favourite stories he didn't tell. They were hella busy too. Some of the tours got backed up. LOL Their system was down, so you could only pay for things in cash. Suited me fine. It kept me ON BUDGET! LOL I was two weeks late for the sale. So one of the things I wanted, I couldn't get: the black away jersey from last year. I was told to go ahead and order it online, just be aware that it will come from a different supplier than from the store.

I thought my favourite (I have a lot of those things in london - FAVOURITES) any ways... i didn't see my chip van outside the bridge (well half block up) and thought my guy had been displaced by a permanent eatery. I peeked inside - IT WAS HIM!!!! He upgraded from the van to a brick and morter eatery!!! I was well chuffed! You want the best chips in London? Take the district line to Fulham/Broadway. After exiting the train station, turn left, go down to Wandsdown Place and there you will find Kebab Corner!!!! Best chips in London !!!!


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