Nocturna - Lucidity

Release: 17 February 2015
7.5 of 10

The title track, "Lucidity", sounds like something that should be on Mortal Combat. The guitars are very 80s thrash augmented by strong and steady drumming. The guitar runs you've heard before when they aren't being drowned out by the synthesizer. It has a very heady video game feel to it. In that sense, it's perfect if you are still playing Mortal Combat or Street Fighter on your XBox. The vocals are your stock Euro type vocals; nothing to write home about and in a way, detract from the music. The next track is "Revelations" and seemingly the only change from the first song to the second is the synthesizer. I totally got into the vocals as it's very uplifting cheesy 90s movie montage. That gave the album extra points in my book as I'm a very cheesy 90s movie montage type of person. I felt like I could over come odds as long as I have a nifty hair cut, cool clothes, and an older weathered cantankerous man in my corner pushing me to do better. "Gaining Solace" is the next full length song and I've entered boss level. That's how I felt when I listened to this song.. boss level and I'm furiously mashing buttons on my controller. "Lucidity" is quickly becoming a go-to album for my video game playing. Not sure what was happening with the last song "Cast Assured". There was way too much going on. I thought I had another tab on the computer open and music was bleeding through. It was a bit confusing and disjointed, nothing quite mixed right.  I'm hoping it was just the mix of the song being played through my computer speakers. All in all Lucidity was an interesting listen and I'd probably listen to it again whilst playing video games.

Nocturna are:
James Davis – Lead vocals/guitars
Thomas Frost – Backing vocals/Guitars
Josh Vigus – Synths
Ryan Palmer – Bass
Phil Barber – Drums

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