A Light Within - Between The Shores

A Light Within
"Between the Shores"
Release: 29 January 20
8 of 10

This song starts out by stirring up anticipation. When the song starts proper, you still wonder what will happen. It's an ominous sound, almost plodding. You feel as if you are stuck in a sci-fi horror type movie and at any moment an alien is going to jump out at you. The vocals come in after 90 seconds and it's a mixture of Fields of the Nephilim and early Ministry; very late 80s/early 90s industrial techno. The vocals add a layer of freaky scaryness that heightens the anxiety factor. The song meanders through  making the listener feel anxiety and fear and foreboding.  It's a good listen for smoking and toking, hookah bars, or just chilling whilst looking inside yourself. The single drops 29 January with the EP following late April of 2015.

A Light Within is:
Kyle Brandt – vocals/keys
Jeff Irvine – guitars
Josh Bennett – guitars
Nick Sloan – drums
Andy Schiller – bass

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALWaudio/
Bandcamp: http://www.alightwithin.bandcamp.com


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