Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written - BBC News

This is just moving in so many ways. I have the actual album, vinyl. Hearing it like this takes me back to my childhood. Everything Zeppelin did was amazing to me as a child. I actually picked up guitar because I wanted to be Jimmy Page. The damn thing was bigger than I was. It's a moving and humbling experience some forty years later to see Jimmy Page sat in a comfy chair talking about the album and the song "Stairway to Heaven". To me he is still a god. Even as I watch the video and hear his voice and the song I am getting goosebumps. That is superior song writing. Thank you to the BBC for doing this piece. Thank you to Jimmy Page for being such an inspiration to musicians for decades.

"It was a tricky thing to do because there are lots of music and changes in it." - Jimmy Page

"Everyone is playing with such honesty and conviction and that shows." - Jimmy Page


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