New Social Media-Based Metal Music Video Network Ready To See Official Launch On Twitter On 01/27/15

 (Golden, CO) January 20, 2015 -- The Metal Network™, a new, social media-based music video sharing and entertainment network, will launch officially on Twitter on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

   The Metal Network™ will dish out a continuous dose of Metal music videos daily, drawn from a group of more than 13,000 YouTube and Vimeo-based videos programmed to circulate across a series of channel pages that will broadcast free Metal music video entertainment on Twitter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

   The Metal Network™ features simple, on-demand music video viewing for channel page followers (with playable videos delivered straight to user home timelines), plus free promotion for the record labels (over 250) and Metal bands (several thousand) whose music videos have been programmed into the first phase of The Metal Network™.

   "I first noticed the possibility of broadcasting music videos within social media in 2009," says Mike Brochin, music video programmer and content curator for The Metal Network™. "In 2010, I created a few test groups of Twitter pages on which I'd posted descriptive links to several hundred music videos of different genres to gauge demand," he said.

   "It was a group of Metal video link pages that attracted the most followers, and those were expanded in 2012. In 2013, I programmed in another round of music videos, this time to embed within Twitter for on-demand play [without having to be redirected to YouTube or Vimeo]. That prompted strong follower growth in the latter part of 2013, so in 2014 I decided to build The Metal Network."

   With a cumulative following of over 500,000 across all channel pages currently (including individual band pages for Iron Maiden, Metallica & Slipknot), The Metal Network™ will ultimately operate as a genre-based sub-network of Social Music Net™, a planned online music portal to which several other music video sub-networks will be added in 2015.

   Previously, Brochin began an independent commitment to building and operating former music directory websites Rock And Metal Dot Com (launched in 2003) and Music Portal Dot Com (launched in 2004). Prior to that, he was independent publisher and editor of "Baseball Card Update," a monthly magazine distributed by Time/Warner.

   Related Links (must be signed in to Twitter to view):

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• Real-time simultaneous broadcast of all music video channel pages of The Metal Networkª (click "View Media" to uncollapse/play any music video, or click "Hide Media" to recollapse/stop play):

• The Metal Network™ Twitter home page:

• Social Music Net™ Twitter home page:

* The Metal Network™ is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer for optimal viewing experience.


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