Arbitrator - Indoctrination of Sacrilege

Indoctrination of SacrilegeRelease: 13 February 20159 of 10
I really like the album cover. Tanks. Fire. Death. The sound of the first song, "They Worship This Fire of Agony" is kinda weird. It's death metal cookie monster growly vocals with bombastic shrill drumming and synthesizers. If I had to listen to this in a car, I would drive very fast. The oddness of the sound makes me smile and laugh; all whilst headbanging. There are so many different genres in this song, like they threw everything in a blender to see what would come out. So you've got Blade Runner type futuristic and Viking hordes and electronica and metal all at the same time. "Stillborn Bastard of the Nazarene" is up next. No, I am NOT making these titles up. Extra cool points for the titles. I like the drumming on this song as they are really metal. There used to be this club in Camden (North London) that I would go to. It had like three floors and you danced. This song could be played on either the bottom floor of waver music or on the 3rd floor of metal music. This song is the "dancing" type, not circle pit... but, you know, the type of dancing metalheads do.... The more I listen to Indoctrination of Sacrilege, the more I like it. "For That Which May Appease Lions" is just a psychotic bitch slap in your face. It comes at you and goes for the jugular. It rips your face off. I physically recoiled from the computer. It's that aggressive. Each track I listen to, the more I like the album. 

Album Band Line Up:- Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, ex-Devin Townsend Project, ex-Aborted) (Drums)- Robert Kukla (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals)- Myles Malloy (Lead Guitar)- Connor ORT Linning (Programming)


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