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Tracy Towns - Driven

The opening guitars remind me of Dick Dale, very 50s classic beach guitar. The vocals kick in and they ride very high over the mix. The distortion gives it a White Zombie / Alice Cooper feel. The thing I found "odd" about the vocals was the diction. It was very... "proper".  They could use  more edge or growl. The drumming and rhythm guitars are solid through out. 

I found it interesting that Tracy Towns is a "one man band" so to speak. He plays and records everything himself. If that's the case, Tracy Towns is a heck of a guitar and bass player not to mention recording engineer. 

His latest offering is Obliterate. It's very guitar heavy. Classic 90s metal guitar heavy. The guitars and drums are the best thing about Obliterate. The more I listen to the album, the more I can see songs from this album appearing on B horror movies when they need "metal" music for the stereotypical metal/goth/vampire dude. There have been a few that I've seen where the movie would be enhanced by having Tracy Towns do the soundtrack. 

The only thing that pulls from the onslaught of metal is the "odd" mix of the vocals and the vocal delivery. It works for a track like 'Black Hole Conscience' and 'It's Only METAL'. 

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