February Friday Night Dance Party!

Hey all you cats and kittens! This is the first Friday in February so it's time for another dance party! So in a sense it's Dance Party 2: Electric Boogaloo!!!! Here are some hella great songs to get your February off to a good start!

WARBRINGER - Shattered Like Glass
I caught this band the other night in Philly. It was a 30 minute set which was WAY too short! Glad I saw them last year head lining. This band is just gobsmackingly awesome live! Good thing they like to tour!

HATE SQUAD - Not my God
Ok - I admit. I'm madly in love with Burkhard! LOL He's got loverly hair and he's just a great guy! Luckily, the band is mega shite hot too!!

RELICSEED - Fight Fire With Fire
OK - it's not really a Metallica cover per say. It's more like showcasing Andrejs' playing. And Andrejs is a monster on the drums! He's Gene Kruppa and Keith Moon all rolled up into one!

VALLENFYRE - Cathedrals of Dread
Catch them at Bloodstock 2012! The new album is killer and live is gonna just be wicked!

Great band from Canadia, eh! LOL

SAVAGE MESSIAH - The Serpent Tongue of Divinity
I'm on a huge Savage Messiah kick now. They've got a new album coming out. I'm totally looking forward to seeing them live!

GOATWHORE - Collapse in Eternal Worth
They are on tour! SQUEEEEEEE Can't wait to get my circle pit on!

IN FLAMES  - Come Clarity
I totally love this band. I shared a cup of coffee with Niclas and had a right craic!

APOCALYPTICA - Hall of the Mountain King
I totally love this song! We had to play it in high school but they sound sooooo much better than we did! LOL

ORANGE GOBLIN - Rage of Angels
Because everyone on the planet should be Orange Goblin fans!


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