Savage Messiah - Plague of Conscience

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Savage Messiah's Plague of Conscience. All I can say is "DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN" The guitars are frakking killer! Mondo props to Dave Silver and Joff Bailey. Plague of Conscience comes out February 28th. Fans have had to wait three long years for a new release. Thank you Earache for picking up this kick ass band! The first track, Carnival of Souls is six minutes and two seconds of sheer beauty. The track is exciting. Dave Silver's voice is smokin'! Another track where Dave and Joff's guitar work is stellar. Mauricio Chamucero is solid on the drums and Stefano Selvatico on bass is laying down some serious groove.

Six Feet Under the Gun is another kick ass tune. It seems the word for the album is "KICK-ASS". Have I mentioned the infinite love I have for Dave's voice? Did I mention that Dave and Joff have some of the best guitar riffs this side of the galaxy?  Have I finished gushing about Plague of Conscience? No? OK how about this... the bass line for the intro to In Thought Alone is wicked cool! Dave's voice give me chills. He's just that damn good. In Thought Alone is s mid tempo smoldering number. It has a bitchin' guitar solo (of course). Speaking of guitar solos, yet another scorcher on All Seeing I. Beyond a Shadow of A Doubt has (can you guess?) awesome guitar work! The Accuser is just sick! It's fast. It's circle pit worthy. OMFG!!!! Dave really stretches his voice with some King Diamond type screeches on Shadowbound. Another kick ass track with great guitar work. The last track is The Mask of Anarchy. Dave's voice is of course beautiful and the guitar playing is powerful. Sadly after 53 minutes the album is done. 

So basically I'm saying if you are a huge fan of guitar playing, buy Plague Of Conscience. It's a good old fashioned heavy metal album that has track after track of great guitar playing, solid drumming, and to die for vocals.

Trust me when I say that Dave Silver, Joff Bailey, Mauricio Chamucero, and Stefano Selvatico have created only the most blistering metal album to date! The band have a one off show with EVILE (another of my favourites) and dates with Diamond Plate (I'm having a love fest here) in March  and are confirmed to play Hammerfest this year! Squeeeeee!!!!


"We're all really looking forward to our first ever headlining dates.  With the positive response we got on the Evile tour, coupled with the stellar reaction to 'Plague of Conscience', we thought it was about time to go out and put on a real Savage Messiah performance.  Our intention is to tour heavily in support of the new record, so expect to see plenty more gig announcements in the coming weeks/months, but this is a great start and having label mates Diamond Plate playing with us is only going to make it an even better experience.  So make sure you buy tickets, get down to the gigs and we promise to put on a killer show - we've got some cool ideas about how to make these shows a bit special - definitely not to be missed!"


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