Summoned Tide - If We Fall We Rise

If you had a vision of Sweden being full of wind swept plains, snow swirling around, small wooden villages, people clad in leather and furs swinging axes - then you've heard of Summoned Tide. Is the vision stereotypical? Yes. Is the music Euro-rock? Yes. But it's hella fun!  If you were one of those crazy people that liked Europe back in the day, Summoned Tide is for you! In fifteen years if their music doesn't end up in in a montage in a happy feel good movie, I'm going to be disappointed. 

The music is uplifting metal. You can bang your head to it or cross a large body of water in a long boat. Your choice. I'm voting for head banging and air guitar. 

I'm tooling along with the music and I hear strains of Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden... I realize I'm still listening to Summoned Tide, 'What Am I Supposed To Feel'; pleasantly surprised. Rickard Thelin is an accomplished vocalist. He and Mikael Thelin make the guitars do things that are epic and grandiose. Where Bruce and company once sang about dragons (I shit you not), Summoned Tide has (wait for it) 'Blum dum Fairies and Pottery Goblins'. I'm not making this up. Go to  and check it out yourself! If just to listen to track 5. It's a keeper (but I'm sure you'll stay for Psycho and Ice Queen). 

Psycho starts out like a 50s rock a billy vibe with a bigger production before turning into a groovy prog rock tome. I love it. Summoned Tide had me from the first riff. It closed on a classic 90s style metal song called A Demons Confess. The guitars are wicked cool. The song moves, more head banging and 80s metal dancing around the room. 

The only live shows they have in the near future are in Sweden. So might I suggest you hop an Easy Jet and fly on over. March 10 Rock'n Winter in Sorsele, AC and March 17 at Woodlands in Robertsfors. 


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