Cerebral Bore + Summer Slaughter = Make It So

Time for the metal and thrash community to show some love! Help the brutha's out!!! Cerebral Bore are just gobsmackingly awesome live. Summer Slaughter is a mosh fest! Put the two together and it's like... like... well... Bacon + HP Sauce!!!!!!! The perfect blend!!!  "Ok now we need some help from everyone of our fans, specially the ones in the USA!!! We wanna play this years Summer Slaughter, and we will manage it if you goto the Summer slaughter page and either tag our band name or just post the words CEREBRAL BORE or something to that effect. Do this alot and PLEASE spread this word amongst your friends, Us + Cannibal corpse on the biggest DM tour around would be a pretty fucking good platform for Cerebral bore, and you can seriously make this happen if you actually help us out! So please guys, do us a huge favour, we dont ask for much :)" 


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