Metallica: The Night Before the Night Before

So, Super Bowl 50 is in the books with a snooze fest halftime from some band named Coldplay. Awesome dance moves from some woman named Beyonce and her dance squad. And a song I thought was about Voldemort and Harry Potter but is a 'real' song by a band named Bruno Mars. I only mention it because Jason Long from Ohio, a longtime Metallica fan club member, started a petition to get Metallica to play the half time show. The petition garnered 63,925 signatures, but alas, it was not to be. Some one on the Super Bowl half time committee lobbied for their favourite band, Coldplay, and that's who was chosen.

Metallica, being the ever good sports they are, opted to rent out ATT Park in downtown San Francisco. As another nod to the greatness of Metallica, they opened up their "sound check" to Metclub member winners (ooops, sorry 5th Member winners) to come in and watch. To be fair, it wasn't an actual sound check as all musicians have had to slog thru. They had a true sound check and then let winners and anyone who happened to be sat outside the ATT gates with a a hangdog look on their face into the stadium to watch a 45 minute or so rehearsal.

To be fair, I've been a fan since 1986 and a clubber since 1998. The ATT gig was my 58th show in 9 countries. So I'm a bona fide card carrying FAN!!! For the sound check, I shot on Ol' Reliable, an 8 year old Canon SX10IS. For my actual assignment for Ghost Cult Magazine I used Sexy (yes, I named my 60D after what the 11th Doctor calls the TARDIS).


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