AHP - Against Human Plague (album review)

AHP   Against Human PlagueVia NocturnaRelease: 21 February 
Sometimes I like to review music that I don't normally listen to. I think it expands my horizons as a music aficionado and a reviewer. AHP is one such experience. The album is a mind fuck of darkness and weirdness and things that go bump in the night. The ten tracks on Against Human Plague are intense. The feeling it leaves is of having a heart attack while drowning with strobe lights going off above you. The opening and title track "Against Human Plague" is like a punch in the gut. It's beyond visceral. "Down Here" is the stuff of nightmares. It's ambiently scary and at any moment you think something is going to jump out and get you. "Unleashed the Storms" sounds like a raging storm upon the rocks. It evokes darkness, black clouds, crashing waves, and death.  "Homines In Igne Morti" sounds like it could be on the soundtrack from a classic black and white horror movie. Nosferatu would number this song among his favourites. I don't actually know what "Decay" was about. I honestly thought something was wrong with my computer, a virus or something and I shut it down and rebooted it. The song / sound is unsettling. "Crawling Shadows" is another song made of nightmares. It's creepy. Creepy as fuck! "Drowned" was the single that started my nightmarish trip into Against Human Plague. It's a cross between a horror movie backing track and the music any serial killer worth his salt would have playing as they worked. It's slow. Methodical. Measured. Mesmerizing. You want to freak out your house guests or friends at a party? Play Against Human Plague. You want to break up with your significant other but without taking "responsibility"? Invite them over for a meal and play this very loudly. Want to stop your neighbours from bothering you? Freak them the fuck out by playing this at all hours of the night. AHP have made one scary freaky album with Against Human Plague. I salute them! 


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