Eohum - Ealdhaeder (album review)

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Release: 18 March 2016

Wow, just wow! I'm mightily enjoying Eohem's release of Ealdfaeder. It starts out in a heavy mysticism type Viking/Native American vibe. It sucks you in straight away. Guitarist Jeremy Perkins has made the DJ in my brain very happy indeed. They're listed as a black metal band, but for the love of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I don't hear it. The music is phenomenal. It's got this cadence to it that is mesmerizing. Sure, Barrie Butler's vocals are the cookie monster screamo type. But, it works so damn well. Barrie Butler makes everything sound wicked and evil. Luca Belviso on drums is just... just... I have no words. It's tribal. Yet, heavy. He's got this rhythm that's gobsmacking. It has shades of Slayer's Lombardo but oh so much more. The most haunting and intriguing part of this mix is Annie Perreault on french horn and flute. I'm a band geek from the mythical time known as the 70s, so french horn .... But holy and christ she is making french horn a metal masterpiece. As a reviewer, I'd like to give you some balance; a downside to Ealdfaeder. But damned if I can find one. OK... how about your neighbours won't like you if you play it too loud too often. Or, you will get a head ache and neck and back pains from head banging. Ah! I got it! Downside to Eohum's Ealdfaeder... it's only 5 songs and 21 minutes or so long. Yes, that displeases me. Because I could seriously do a full album of this! So I'll just have to play this over and over and over again! 

"The Apathetic Plague"


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