Totem Skin - Weltschmerz (album review)

Totem Skin
Halo of Flies
Releases: 4 March 2016

To say I really dig this album by Totem Skin is an understatement. Weltschmerz is heavy in the best ways possible. Christoffer Oster is a beasts on guitar. Their sound is so dense. It's augmented by the heavy pounding of Sebastian Engstrom on drums and the yes, I can hear Johan Wiberg's bass and am loving how it rides in the mix of Lewis Johns. It's been a while since I can say that I can actually HEAR bass playing on an album and am very happy that Totem Skin highlights the playing of Johan Wiberg on Weltschmerz.  Every song is worth a listen, there is no filler here. Give Welschmerz a spin on their Bandcamp page and seriously drop the 7Euro on a digital copy of the album.
Totem Skin's Weltschmerz on Bandcamp


your review includes references to members of NORTHLESS
NOT Totem Skin
this is horribly confusing.
Thank you Protestant Milwaukee. It's been fixed! Sorry for the confusion.

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