Projekt F - The Butterfly Effect (album review)

Projekt F
The Butterfly Effect (EP)
Release: 4 March 2016

Projekt F's The Butterfly Effect is heavy in all the right places. It has a gravitas in a genre that can seem glutted and self absorbed. The songs on Butterfly Effect are equal parts metal and industrial. Simon Sayz' guitar sound is full and rich while Jonh M. Miller's vocals are a perfect blend of lyrical and harsh.  "Tongue" is a song that perfectly shows the musicality of Projekt F. Juxtaposed with "Cut Your Wings" which is more of an industrial 90s Ministry type song. There is a forward bullet train first person shooter motion that "Cut Your Wings" envelops. The Butterfly Effect is seven tracks and twenty-five minutes long yet it is a well rounded album. It's perfect for driving as it encourages driving fast. It's a great back drop for gaming on XBoX. It's the album you want playing during your daytime rave.


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