July Friday Night Dance Party!!! SQUEEEE

Hard to believe it's July already! Time to get your P-funk Ramones Dance Party on!!!! Hope you have your dancing shoes; coz tonite is going to be muy caliente!!!!

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
(wot? you thought I was joking??!! jajajajajaaa)

Ramones - Rockaway Beach

Revolution Harmony - We Are
Super-group much? Serj Tankian (vocals, lyrics), Ihsahn (vocals, lyrics),  Devin Townsend (guitar solos),  Abbie Johnson (vocals, lyrics),  Stefan Loh (guitars, additional drum programming), and Ray Holroyd  (music [composing/arranging/programming])

The Browning - Ashamed
SQUEEEEEEEEE I totally love this band!!!

As They Burn - Frozen Vision

Monks of Mellonwah - Ghost Stories

Ghost B.C. - Monstrance Clock


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