Gloria Morti - Lateral Constraint

Ah Finland. How do I love thee? More and more each day as you proffer to mine listening ears your best and most talented bands that oft aurally please me. Into the churlish waters that are the musical fray, I give unto thee and thine Gloria Morti and their album Lateral Constraint on Cyclone Empire record label.

To be sure, I have no idea what Psycho is singing about on the album Lateral Constraint. I understood maybe one in four words. It was too bothersome to try to understand and it distracted from the music. I chose to treat the vocals as another instrument that adds to the polyphony.

The overall tone of Gloria Morti’s Lateral Constraint is consistency. Each song retains lots of elements of the last song. This makes Lateral Constraint flow wonderfully. Part of the consistency is the impressive drumming by Kauko Kuusisalo. Kauko is a beast! It’s like his only order was to hit these, very hard, and often. Sometimes the drumming seems as a blur, as if all the beats melt into one. He’s just that fast.

Lateral Constraint by Gloria Morti is a scrumptious blend of death metal and speed metal. It has the intensity and heaviness of death metal and the 16th notes of speed metal. The stand out is that the guitar arrangements are full of flourish.

"Hallucinations" is by far the most interesting song on the album. It combines operatic elements with a cacophonous drum sound. To wit, the drums are shrill and at odds with the death like vocals and the bleak keyboards that waft in and out of the composition. Gloria Morti threw everything into this song including the kitchen sink. "Hallucinations" is worth a few listens.

I totally dig the interplay between Juho Raiha and Eero Silvonen on guitars. At times Juho and Eero are in perfect sync. Sometimes they harmonize. Sometimes they go off on musical tangents that just make the listener go wow!

Gloria Morti’s Lateral Constraint is forty-five minutes of pure unadulterated metal. If you are a death metal aficionado definitely pick up this disk. If you hate death metal and think it droll and uninspiring, I urge you to give Lateral Constraint a listen. It will change your mind. Gloria Morti will pleasantly surprise you. 


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