Blodig Alvor - Morkets Frembrudd

Indie Recordings gives the world at large another band to instantly fall in love with. Blodig Alvor is an up and coming band that everyone should give a listen to.  They’ve got a new album out entitled Morkets Frembrudd. OMG! The album starts out like the song "Am I Evil". If you’ve never heard the original by Diamond Head, then think of the very popular Metallica version. This means I shall like whatever comes next immensely! And I do!  

Morkets Frembrudd (the "Am I Evil" type intro) flawlessly segues into "Mr. Molotow". It’s a catchy, riff laden, old fashioned heavy metal tune. Before the song had been played a minute I was head banging along with glee. "Mr. Molotow" is gritty and groove laden. You’d expect this type of guitar banter from a band from say, Texas, but Blodig Alvor hails from the mighty shores of Norway. Blodig Alvor songs give props to some classic bands. "Start En Revolusijon" channels vintage Aerosmith riffs, think Toys in the Attic

The sweet guitar sound emanating from your speakers is courtesy of Truls Ringstad and Markus den Ouden. "Start En Revolusjon" has a wicked guitar solo near the end. Rounding out this band of talented musicians are Erland B. Andersen on bass and Rune Marius Flaathe Farstad on drums. They are as tight as any rhythm section twice their age. Everything about Blodig Alvor’s Morkets Frembrudd is refreshing and almost pure. You can hear the hunger of a young band looking to make their mark. Morkets Frembrudd as an album has no pretensions, it’s not trying to be something it’s not. It’s not trying to be the next big thing. It isn’t jumping on any bandwagons.  

Blodig Alvor is a band that puts together solid, catchy, and completely bitchin songs. The song "Blodig Alvor" is stripped down and raw. "Blodig Alvor" should be the anthem for 2013. Another song on the album is called "Svik". "Svik" is a song I desperately want to sing along to, but I don’t know any Norwegian. "Svik" has a Thin Lizzy feel to it, a type of swagger if you will. "Var Resignasjon" closes the album with a punky bass laden groove. Morkets Frembrudd is a scant twenty-eight minutes long but it packs quite a punch. Keep a look out for Blodig Alvor. I expect to hear great things about this band for years to come.



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