Diamond Plate - "Walking Backwards" from new album PULSE

I have nothing but infinite love for Diamond Plate. From the first time I was sent to review them live; it's been a total psychotic love fest. They've released their first single to the second album, Pulse. The single is entitled "Walking Backwards". It's blistering! It's a circle pit frenzy of happiness. It reminds me of Kill Em All era Metallica, early 90s Slayer, a touch of Pantera, and a whole lotta attitude. OMG! The track is just amazing. Helming vocals since the departure of "purdy haired" Jon Macak (for personal reasons) is Matt Ares. To my ears, on this track, Matt's vocals have a more gritty, more guttural tinge than Jon. It's not better, just different. A wee part of me wonders if Jon had stayed how much better the vocals would be. But I digress, the killer part of the song is, as usual, Konrad Kupiec's guitars. For someone so young, he's got a firm grasp of metal riffage! Konrad can stand toe to toe with Kirk Hammet, Marty Friedman, or Kerry King - and in some instances; blow them away! James Nicademus kills it behind the drum set. He provides a ferocity and unyielding pulse (get it... Pulse... jajajaja) to the "Walking Backwards". I touted Generation Why? as being the best album of  2011.  I am looking forward to Pulse as being the best album of 2013.

Listen to "Walking Backwards" steaming on Decibel Magazine: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/streaming-diamond-plate-walking-backwards/

Diamond Plate comments:

"During the months of recording, the album took on a life of its own.  Our goal was to capture the energy of a live band, and working with Neil gave us the freedom to create the music we've always wanted to play.  A straightforward explanation of the title 'PULSE' is that it represents music, or life, in its purest form.  The real meaning behind the album can only be discovered by the person using his/her ears."

Pulse is due to be released on August 20th in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records and on digital formats in Europe on August 19th. Definitely pick up this scorcher of an album! Pre-order Pulse now on CD in the USA at http://bit.ly/14CkpcW or pre-order the album on iTunes with an exclusive bonus track at http://bit.ly/dp-pulse  

In the meantime, If you've not gotten Generation Why? - do so now! Diamond Plate's debut album, Generation Why?, in North America at http://bit.ly/owOGVS or in Europe at http://bit.ly/mVHtIi

Generation Why? is also available on iTunes at http://bit.ly/nRbT14

Get more Diamond Plate news and info at:

Official site - http://www.diamondplateband.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/diamondplate1
Twitter - http://twitter.com/diamondplate1


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