As Angels Bleed - As Angels Bleed

Here's another contender for gothic symphonic masters. As Angels Bleed are a four piece from
Sydney, Australia. Avelina De Moray helms lead vocals. Von Lehmann is the ax-master. Frank
Marcri on drums and Jack Savage on bass rounds out the band. Believe it or not, their album As Angels Bleed was recorded at a place called Hells Gate Studio.

The opening track is very over the top. As Angels Bleed merge a Lacuna Coil sound with a Ghost presence and come up with something very kitch and instantly likable. "Sinfully Yours" is richly layered and artfully blends prog rock and metal with a more darker tongue in cheek feel. "Desire" is more hard hitting metal mixed with doomy overtures. The music in and of itself isn't your average run of the mill doom. It's more in the lyrics and imagery As Angels Bleed conjures up. For instance, "I Drown" sounds like the theme song to some awesome Canadian drama series that nobody has ever seen but uber geeks like me.

As Angels Bleed unwittingly sucks you in and holds on fast. "Driven To Flames" is another song that
moves merrily along. "Driven to Flames" has an intensity to it that makes it impossible not to get up
and dance to. Ok - the only thing I can say about "Lumiere" and "Driven To Flames" is that the music
melts. Yes, melts; it has that melting Salvador Dali feel to it. "A Love Worth Dying For" is more of a
strait ahead rock song with some choice electronica beats. It's my favourite track from the album.

As Angels Bleed have a wonderful ten minute opus entitled "Beautifully Decayed". "Beautifully
Decayed" has everything you like about the metal genre: Randy Rhodes inspired guitar solo, Black
Sabbath compositions, chunky guitar riffage, and even a nod to Judas Priest's "Painkiller". A lot of
interesting music happens in "Beautifully Decayed". It's the perfect way to end an album.


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