July 4th Part Two

I realized: I DONT HAVE A SHARPIE ON ME!!! Not that this is important in the grand scheme of things. It's just that I normally have a Sharpie at the ready. Just in case.

Oyster Cards are lovely things. They cap at L6.50 or so if you are running around all day. This is a good thing as that's cheaper than a day pass of L6.80.

Met up with D at the Tower of London. Someone on the IMOFC boards "organized" a huge meet up for a photo opportunity. LOL It looked like well over 50 people came, mebbe even closer to 100. I didn't actually count. I only knew D, who in turn introduced me to her friend. So the three of us pretty much stuck together.

Nothing against Maiden fans, but the mood was a bit "chilly". Nobody interacted with each other. Everyone pretty much stuck to their little groups. We did meet one lovely lady who is obsessed with her ironing. Miss P was sweet enough to take some pictures of D, her friend, and me. Other than that, Maiden meet ups are the exact OPPOSITE of any Metallica meet up I've ever been too.

I noticed I drink more Orange Juice in London than any other city on the planet.... wonder why that is?

What a nice girls out this afternoon/evening. It did piss down rain, but then again this is London. We ate at the Hard Rock. This isn't my kind of eating establishment, but Jenna insisted. The things you do for your kids! LOL I got the pulled pork (having an Anthony B moment) and was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. The pork itself was room temperature, but the sauce was hot. It came with chips and beans; both were delicious. It was a good meal, but not a $30 meal (L15).

The perfect ending to any day? A bagpipe busker in the Middle of Piccadilly Square. Not sure he was even Scottish, but man could he play those bagpipes. It was enough to part me from my coveted L1.25 ($2.50).


Jenna said…
That's a great pic of us!! I am not obsessed with Hard Rocks - I promise!! You'll need to send me some of your pics when you get the chance please. I'll have to send you the one of you in the stands. It's a little blurry as it was mega zoomed in but it's still a cool pic! =)

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