Leicester Square July 4

Oi - Vey!!! I got "kicked out" off my room at 10am. I can't check back into the other room until 1400. Funny enough, the room is only next door! Gotta love it. So I headed into the city, as Queen Mary College is way East end (how funny! but no Albert Square nearby) to find the infamous London Free Wi-Fi!

I headed to Leicester Square stop on the tube, but couldn't get my bearings. I think A's bad sense of direction rubbed off on me. I ended up walking to Picadilly and chilling for a bit. Sitting by the fountain (it was being worked on). I only stayed a bit because the Community Support Cops were harassing tourists. Asking for papers. Taking names and addresses. It freaked me out and I had to move on man!!! So I figured worse case scenario, head for a McDonald's. Luckily I found the Leicester Square park just 50 yards beyond the Micky D's.

So that is where I am currently sitting. Outside. In a Park. In London. Nice breeze. Shade. Pidgeons. Wi-fi internet.

For those reading this that have never been to London - buy an Oyster Card. It caps at L6.50 (or about $13) for travel within a 24 hour period. Yes the day trip on Metrocards in NYC is cheaper at $7 (L3.5) but London is gobs bigger and many many more places to go. It's worth the money.

I also picked up an O2 sim card. 300 texts for L10. or $20. Which is less than I spend a month sending and receiving texts from the UK and Ireland on T-mobile in the states. Just gotta make sure the phone is UNLOCKED. LOL I know, I was having a blonde moment. Both of the phones I have on me are locked. So I had to call T-mobile this morning (at $1.99/min roaming) for a 10 minute conversation on getting my phone unlocked. Which won't happen until tomorrow, just BEFORE the Maiden show. LOL

As for touristy stuff. Zowie. Don't have any. Ummmm uuuuuummmmmmmm yeah. Don't do tourist. LOL I did go to the "new" location of the Intrepid Fox. It was moved to the Tottenham Court Road stop on the Northern Line. It's a bit eermmm not really smaller - but the downstairs is configured better than the old location. I didn't go upstairs, but the toilettes are of the typical scary dodgy bar variety. ugh! The drinks are still reasonable price - L4 to L5 ($8-10). And the music is choice-metal and rock. We had dinner at the Hard Rock (this was strictly J's idea) and the food was good, filling, but the venue just never had an appeal to me. * shrugs *

Picadilly Circus is full of tourists, cops, and shoppes flogging cheap UK merch. Like I said, I legged it as quick as I could.

The internet here is intermittently failing and coming back online so I want to post before it goes out all together. More later. Either today or Sunday - definitely NOT tomorrow as tomorrow is another MAIDEN show. I didn't win HCW or FTTB - so I'll be just another mug in the stands. LOL


Kat said…
Having lived in London and currently working in London.. I appreciate how tourists annoy the hell out of me.

Hence when I go abroad - I love being a tourist just so I can annoy the locals!

It's called karma!!! ha ha ha ha ha!

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