Wot are you doing?

July 6th

I'm sitting in my dorm room in Way the Frak East London on a cool breezy sunless Sunday with Iron Maiden at the Forum, 19/02/08, blasting from my MacBook. My shoes are off, of course, and my toes are in charge of rocking me gently back and forth in my chair as I peruse the pages of Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential". The only light gracing the pages is what little precious radiation the sky is willing to part with through the gray clouds and said light is peeking in through my open window.


mari said…
Monday July 7 11:08 am:

The wonderfully busy weekend is over. Had bout 20 people over for the 4th of July, so before Friday I was cleaning and after Friday I was cleaning. Saturday - Recovery. Sunday was part recovery in the morning and then a drive to the desert to celebrate Father-in-laws birthday party. SO NOW I'm actually relaxing plucking away at my computer doing the bills and getting ready to organize my lessons that I used last year. Is that sick or what!
icecelt said…
This is SUCH a wonderful thing to read Vic, keep them coming! I feel like I'm half living there with you! :D

Things busy here - VERY busy this weekend, very cheerful!! Saw Dad, HE made pulled pork on Saturday - smoked it all night, it's DELICIOUS! Marcus and I running around also here at home - did tons of work outside, some inside, Geoff's coming to visit at the end of the month, it's all been a good July.

JUST MISSING YOU! But your travels are awesome! HUGS - HUGE SQUISHY HUGS! :D Keep having fun!!! Keep writing about it! Explain ironing obsessiveness! LOL!

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