Day trip to Bath, UK

Bath - Roman Bath's and Pumphouse alongside of Bath Abbey. OMG!! Tourists galore. Just wall to wall people and school groups.

It is amazing that a lot of the baths are so far underground. Years of dirt and sediment excavated. The dirt between the stones is thousands of years old. The plants grow there must be from "old" spores and seeds. They call the Celtic/Roman Goddess of the Water Sulis Minerva. The main pool that you see in all the pictures is stagnant. It actually smells like poop. For the most part, it is standing water with pigeon droppings littering the sides. Pretty darn gross. The colour reminds me of runny pea soup, but is actually due to algae.

There is some water streaming in. The sign says don't touch the water. I was moved to do so anyway. Besides, I watched several other tourists touch it so what can it hurt? They said the water was "hot". As this is a bath/spa type thing and the Romans and Celts used it vociferously, I figured it may have some healing properties after all. I stuck my right hand into the rushing water. It was indeed hot. I had hoped it would help the "problem" I have with shooting pain that runs from my pinkey up my hand and to my elbow. Alas, as I sat on a bench to hand write this, no such luck. It still hurts. So I decided to stick my hand in the water again. LOL For luck, you see.

1525 hours 08 July 2008

I'm sitting in a park next to the Pulteney Bridge. It's mad windy. I resemble Einstein on a bad hair day. But at least it's not raining. I still have three hours to kill before my bus leaves for the city. Couldn't do the spa because I have no swim wear. Well, I do, but It's in the dorm at Mile End. I'm so NOT prepared. Next time.

This is where I sat to while away some time. It's beautiful to look at when not much is going on in your mind. The senses take over and bliss begins. I could feel the breeze on my face and through my hair as it whipped through the square making a mockery of fine hair care products. I could hear the guitar player expertly creating music on his chosen instrument. He moved from aria to aria to jazz and flamenco deftly switching from one to the other. I could taste the wonderful chocolate flavour of my home made hot chocolate. I gently dipped my McVitties chocolate digestives into the this concoction and savored the softened biscuit as it melted on my tongue.

And now a word from our sponsor: This trip was brought to you by National Express and the "Fun Fair". For a mere L2 or $4usd, you too could have spent a wonderful day in Bath, UK.


imzadi said…

I see u have recovered from ur fatige. The pictures r beautiful and I love the commentary!
Thank everyone for the card, It got here today!
Luv Ya!
"Mistress of the Universe"
Anonymous said…
FANTASTIC! I am enjoying my travels via you, your descriptions make me feel like I'm there as I deal with the everyday stuff here - I, alas, am not in Bath or Paris with you - I am instead just back from Safeway, where my biggest news is that I bought some paper towels. Ok. So I will continue to enjoy your travels through your WONDERFUL writings and pictures, and I cannot thank you enough, you marvelous, beautiful person, for sharing it with everyone!! :D LOVE YOU!!! KEEP HAVING FUN!!!

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