Don't Waste Your Time Searching for Those Wasted Years

OK - I'm obsessed. Two of my mates have used the word "stalker". I still contend that five Maiden shows in 5 months, with 3 of them coming within four days of each other, and the 5th only two weeks later in another country is NOT anything special. As a matter of fact, I lag way behind most 28 year Maiden fans. Yes, I've been listening to them nearly thirty years and I've not even seen them live thirty times. I'm somewhere in the mid-twenties. I blame Metallica and Henry Rollins. LOL I've only so much disposable income and so much good product vying for my hard earned cash.

I woke up in a Maiden mood. The soundtrack for the morning included: "The Prisoner", "Stranger in a Strange Land", "The Evil That Men Do", "Tailgunner", "Wasted Years", and "Drifter". I was so excited I couldn't eat! I exist on Dr. Pepper!!! Cut me and not only do I bleed blue (GO CHELSEA FC) but I bleed DP!

...So, understand. Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up. Make your stand. And realize you're living in your golden years!

SPOILERSIf you intend to go see Maiden on this tour and don't want to know about the show, well, you shouldn't be reading my blog! LOL But more Maiden spoilers about to follow.

This is actually a picture of Bruce sitting down in sheer amazement. I believe the words he used were that he was speechless (and that doesn't happen very often). I don't know if it was because it's the last night of my Maiden tour or because it was a "home" crowd, but Iron Maiden were stunning. Now, to be fair, Twickenham Rugby Stadium is not in London. It is outside London in Twickenham. This is the ONLY Maiden show in England this tour. The first show in England in two years and they most likely won't play here again until 2010 for the new album. That is the magnitude of this show.

The picture above is during Run to the HIlls (if memory serves). The crowd was devastatingly loud! He was truly taken aback by the sheer massive volume of Maiden fans singing back at him. We truly knocked him off his feet! For me, the songs that I had listened to for a quarter century and seen live umpteen times sounded fresh and new. Moonchild actually gave me goosebumps. I shivered (and it was not the weather!). For the first time this tour, Rime did not bore me to tears. It's a long song, many time changes, yadda yadda yadda. But after the tenth minute, I'm so not caring anymore. LOL It's a technical bugger to play; but when I'm playing it, my mind drifts. Tonite, I was full of rapt attention from beginning to end. The Clairvoyant was a spiritual experience. I closed my eyes and was transported to a cascading waterfall. The music washing over and around me. I was lifted, transported and cleansed by the melody. By Powerslave, my anxiety level was high! I believed myself to be back in New York at Madison Square Garden. I wanted to be onstage again! I was set to burst with excitement! If you've never seen Iron Maiden live - you must!

Now on to the "lovely" English weather. It was supposed to rain all weekend. As a matter of fact, it's raining right now (July 7th, 1615 hours) and has been for two days. J, P, and J had general admission floor tickets and J had commented on how much rain was unceremoniously dumped on her during Bon Jovi. I told her, watch, I'll wear my hiking boots, blue jeans, lucky cap, and rain coat and it won't rain a lick! Trust me, I come prepared and you'll not get any rain! As a matter of fact, I'll wear my full on rain gear and it will be hot! Trust me. Wouldn't you know it. I wore it. The rain stayed away. Only my feet got hot in the hiking boots. It did get a bit chilly, but no rain!


Jenna said…
I am so glad you wore your hiking boots!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!

Rime was mind-blowing!!! I'm away to play Maiden on my bass. I think we'll start with some Tailgunner and then The Clairvoyant! =)

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