Violent Creek Signs Toxic Waltz

First week of January and Violent Creek Records have already made a noteworthy signing. Violent Creek is helmed by everyone’s favourite thrasher Burkhard Schmitt of Hate Squad. The hardest working man in thrash has signed Munich’s Toxic Waltz. The German thrashers will release their second album, “From A Distant View” on March 18 of this year.

I spun some tracks from their first release, “A Decade of Pain”, and what struck me was that they are a nice blend of Exodus, Hate Squad, and Over Kill. It’s not a new sound, just new lyrics by a different band. The twin guitar attack of Jimi and Alex provide plenty of air guitar moments mixed with some serious shredding. The overall tone of the music evokes circle pit moshing and plenty of standing on the rail fist pumping headbanging action. The more you listen to Toxic Waltz the more comfortable you get. You just meld with the music and become one with it; it’s as second nature to you as breathing.

Toxic Waltz spend much of 2015 touring Europe, their first time, and working on the new album. Based on past music, I’m looking forward to the new album and their accomplishments on Violent Creek Records.

Toxic Waltz - Decades of Pain


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