Centipede - Sarnath (album review)

Inverse Records
Release: March 4, 2016

Centipede is listed as a stoner metal band from Finland. It's the Finland that makes me perk up. I like music from Finland. So I happily go into listening to this disk. Sure enough, it's a stoner metal band. The guitars remind you of Black Sabbath. The guitar tone reaches into your happy stoner childhood spinning vinyl on a turntable that used to belong to your grandmother and it takes up half a wall! Yeah, way back machine. That being said, this old stoner loves the music. It makes me smile and bang my head. It reaffirms that no, faded denim jeans, converse canvas high tops, and band t-shirts is still in style.

Markus Nurminen doubles on vocals and guitar. I think I dig his guitar playing more than his vocals. But hey, I LOVE the guitars on this album! It's like he channels his inner Tommy Iommi. Sarnath has eight tracks and each is as enjoyable as the last. Sarnath is part stoner rock, part 80/90s hard rock. If you are looking for something new and exciting buy Centipede's Sarnath when it drops March 4, 2016. The Evil DJ in your Brain will be happy you did!


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