Cerebric Turmoil - Neural Net Breakdown

Cerebric Turmoil  
Neural Net Breakdown
Amputated Vein Records
Release Date: November 13, 2015

Ten Songs.
Thirty-one minutes thirty-four seconds.
Total Mindfuck!

Ok, so this is so last year, but it just graced my inbox this week (January 19, 2016). A bit late to the music party. But I'm not gonna complain because this is the freshest most innovated thing I've heard since Primus. There is no way to put Cerebric Turmoil into any category except awesomeness. They create more than just music. They create a rich tapestry of aural experience.

The bass playing has some of the best funk rhythms combined with some serious metal guitar riffage overlaid by the deepest hellhound vocals ever. It sounds like they threw everything into a blender and it makes sweet sweet music. This is music Frank Zappa would be proud of! Neural Net Breakdown is not for casual listening. It's not a set it and forget it type of album. A lot happens in the half hour it graces your turn-table.

Neural Net Breakdown is a cornucopia for the ears. It's something you have to hear to believe!


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