Hordak - Padre (album review)

Casus Belli Musica
January 10, 2016

When you think of pagan music, Spain is not a country that springs to mind. Spain is devoid of fjords, vikings, and ancient runes. That being said, HORDAK is giving it that good ol' Odin try. The release of their fourth album has a sound that is pagan light. The music is more jaunty death metal with a few pagan flourishes. The guitar solos are 90s hard rock. The vocals are the cookie monster growly type things. Every once in a while, since they are pushing the "pagan" thing, you get flourishes of Luys Milan and Gaspar Sanz (which is actually late Renaissance / early Baroque). If you are a guitar aficionado, then Hordak will be right up your alley. If you are a strict pagan music listener, not so much.

Taking 'Padre' on its own merits, it's a darn good album. It's pleasing to listen to. The compositions are complex yet accessible. A. Mansilla and Winter on guitars are a great combination.  They are in tune with each other and compliment each other. They are definitely a highlight on the album and will keep you coming back to re-listen. J. Sierra's drumming is strong and sturdy. Each of the songs has its pros and cons but I'll leave it to your own discretion to sort those out. I found a lot more to like on this album than dislike.

Listen to exerts from Hordak's Padre.


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