Serpentine Path - Emanations (album)

Serpentine Path has a new album out and it's a depressing lulling affair. But then, that's the true essence of doom metal is it not? 'Emanations' is to be released on May 27th on Relapse Records. Upon listening, time truly slows down. Serpentine Path draws you in and then slowly smothers the life out of you. From the slow and laborious "Essence of Heresy" to the crushing weight of "Torment", Serpentine Path is the banner-man for doom metal. 'Emanations' is just heavy and oppressive. It's a slow trod through bleak and darkness. 'Emanations' sucks the life and joy from the room and leaves you staring off into space.  "Treacherous Waters" is another track that just drowns you. Listening to "Treacherous Waters" offers you little hope of escape. The song coalesces in the deeper reaches of your body and the blackness grows to inhabit every part of you. As a doom album 'Emanations' is perfect.
Serpentine Path - Emanations Get it Here.


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