Greenleaf - Trails and Passes (album)

Greenleaf's about to release a new album and all the music fans rejoice. And make no mistake, this is an album for those who love music. It's smooth. It's jazzy. It's heavy. It's something that gets you dancing about the flat. Loads of good things come out of Sweden and Greenleaf's 'Trails and Passes' due to be released on May 13 is definitely one of them. It's hard to write about the album because it's easy to get lost in. The riffs are engaging. The drumming and bass are wicked groovilicious. The vocals are like butter! "Oceans Deep" and "Humans" are heavy and grungy. The tracks just ooze wickedness. There is an inherent movement in the tracks that make it impossible to sit still. There is something mystical about "With Eyes Wide Open". It's like a psychedelic head trip. "Equators" has cowbell. How can you not like a song with more cowbell? 'Trails and Passes' is full of so much groove it may burst. There is no misstep on this album. If you like your music raw and full of emotion, if you like your music to get you moving, if you just like damn good music - then you will flat out love Greenleaf's 'Trails and Passes'.

PreOrder Greenleaf's "Trails and Passes" here.

GREENLEAF Live 2014:
5/22/2014 Schaubude - Kiel, DE w/ S.N.O.
5/23/2014 Vinyl Groove Music Fest @ Musicon - The Hague, NL
5/24/2014 Ostbunker - Osnabruck, DE
5/25/2014 Jägerklause - Berlin, DE w/ S.N.O.
5/26/2014 Ostpol - Dresden, DE w/S.N.O.
5/27/2014 KuBa - Jena, DE
5/28/2014 Komune - Offenbach, DE
5/29/2014 Alte Hackerei - Karlsruhe, DE w/ S.N.O.
5/30/2014 7er Club - Mannheim, DE
5/31/2014 Coq d'or - Olten, CH
6/02/2014 Gibus Cafe - Paris, FR
6/03/2014 Sojo - Leuven, BE
6/04/2014 Waldmeister - Solingen, DE
6/05/2014 The Bruch Brothers - Luzern, CH
6/06/2014 TBA
6/07/2014 PulPub - Nijmegen, NL w/ Tank 86
6/08/2014 Loppen - Copenhagen, DK
9/04/2014 Moon Club - Cardiff, UK w/ Steak
9/05/2014 Kraak - Manchester, UK w/ Steak
9/06/2014 The Borderline - London, UK w/ Steak, Sedulus
10/04/2014 Up In Smoke Festival - Pratteln, CH w/ Dozer, Kadavar, Ufomammut etc.
10/01/2014 Blue Moon Festival - Cottbus, DE
11/28/2014 Rocksound - Barcelona, SP
11/29/2014 Wurlitzer Ballroom - Madrid, SP


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