Trans Am - Volume X (album)

Synth pop, video game music, psychedelic funk. These are words that come to mind when I listen to the new Trans Am album 'Volume X'. 'Volume X' will be released on May 23 on Thrill Jockey via Rocket Distribution. 'Volume X' is a trippy 80s laser fest of aural shenanigans. "Reevaluations" is a song that makes you want to get out a glow stick and dance. It's much Miami Vice and yes, Trans Ams with glowing rims. 'Volume X' isn't so much an album, but more an experience. This is what you listen to when you want to just let go; no preconceptions, no worries, no box. "K Street" is another track that will be on heavy rotation at any dance party I host. It's trippy in a good way. But oh, so short. "Backlash" goes in a completely different direction. It's frenetic. It's bold. It's industrial. It's a mindfuck. It's what Motorhead and Ministry would sound like in a mash up if you were on a very interesting acid trip. I'm digging "Volume X" because it's trippy. It's different. There is a type of freedom in listening to genre defying music. Trans Am "Volume X" is liberating.


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