Dwellers - Pagan Fruit (album)

OMG.. This is just amazing. This song has such swagger and balls. It's sultry. Yes, sultry! If ever there was a song that just came together perfectly, "Spirit in the Staircase" does. The song is from Salt Lake City's Dwellers. "Spirit of the Staircase" is on the upcoming album Pagan Fruit. Pagan Fruit makes its debut on May 6th via Small Stone Recordings. This is a must have album for all those that like their music with some mystery and depth.

"Rare Eagle" is another track that just smolders. It's a maudlin track. It evokes hot and steamy nights on a veranda. It has a darkness that is hard to penetrate. "Rare Eagle" evokes the best of the Doors. While "Creature Comforts" has shades of Pink Floyd.

Pagan Fruit is a doomy, classic heavy metal album that is ethereal and sultry and everything black and dark in the world. It's a mesmerizing album that must be listened to to be believed.

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