Wringer 13: Reece Scruggs from HAVOK

Squeeeeeee Happy 13th of February!!! And welcome to the brand new column at the Kali Diaries. Wringer 13 brings you up close and personal with all the best musicians Planet Earth has to offer. Wringer 13 is a monthly column brought you every 13th of the month! It's in honour of the groovy number 13 - 2013, 13th day, 13 Bitchin Artists!!!

For our very first Wringer 13, the Kali Diaries is proud to introduce to you Reece Scruggs from the Colorado band HAVOK. Long time readers of the Kali Diaries remember that Havok's Point of No Return was part of our Friday Night Dance Party.  Let's get to know a wee bit more about Havok's lead guitarist. Don't forget, Havok will be on tour throughout March and April. You can get more info about Havok at their website! http://havokband.com/ 

Who are you, really, and what do you do?
          Reece Alan Scruggs, a redneck kid from northern Virgina who plays guitar a lot.

What's the best thing about being in your band? 
          The music

 How has being a touring musician changed you?
     Well, it's changed me for both good and bad. Good, I've traveled the world and met people of all walks of life. It makes you connected with the world and abandon misconceptions of certain things. It gets you out of your small niche and comfort zone and makes you see things for what they really are. Bad, those things that really "are" harden you and make you trust less, get angry quicker an you lose some of your compassion towards others. In the slim skinny of it, I'm more open minded but sharp tongued and faster to defend myself. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
          Well, that's a lot of things. I'll just name a few: my Dad, grandfather, Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhodes, Alex Skolnick, Pat O'Brien, Jeff Loomis, Danny Gatton, Batman, Bret "the Hitman" Hart, the dudes in Monolith, the Washington Redskins, Virginia, Winchester, History, Hank 3, Jesco White...

What's your favourite song and why?
          Favorite song ever? I don't have a favorite, too much shit goin' around in my music library that's my favorite haha! My favorite HAVOK song? I can answer that one, 'From the Cradle to the Grave'. It's my favorite because it shows a different side of us. It's also my favorite because of the solo section.

What does "music" mean to you?
          I'll sound really cliche' by saying this, literally everything. Music, along with support and hard work got me where I am today. It's influenced every single thing in my life and if I didn't have it, my life would simply stop. 

 What do you think is your greatest achievement in the field of music?
          For me, the ability to have your music stand the test of time and influence people to play music or inspire them in some way.  That's long term. Another would be to make a living playing music. Having something to show for by working really hard, perfecting a sound and creating the best music you can possibly make. I'm looking to have simple things in life, all of it by playing music. 

 What is your greatest achievement outside of music?
          Being a Scruggs. Being from Winchester, Virginia. Both things I carry around with me with pride. 

Describe your most unusual or rabid fan.
          Umm, well, I guess someone who probably gets really upset that I didn't add them on Facebook. Or people who see me at a show and chase me down, and though I didn't see them, because I was faced in the opposite direction, when they catch up, they spin me around and yell, "What, couldn't say 'Hi' to me?!" Both have happened to me. Both are the same person. 

If you could invite three people (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
          Shit, that's fuckin' hard! Well, the three people invited would have a plus one with their invite. Can't be rude and deny these people a date, right? I'd invite Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhodes, and Danny Gatton for musicians. Vlad the Impaler, General Robert E. Lee and the "Red Baron" Manferd Von Richtofen for people I've been researching or interested in since I was a little kid. Bettie Page, Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe for ... fun. Sorry, couldn't do just three. 

What three things are on your "bucket list"?
          Live happy and problem free while playing music.
          Be in guitar magazines with huge four page interviews, columns and lessons.
          Return to Virginia to live out the rest of my days.

What are you most grateful for?
          A loving, supportive family. It makes the difference in a kid's life. My friends, my talent, and the ability to think for myself, and the overall function of my body. Not enough people say that. I'm grateful that everything on me works!

If you could reduce everything you are and everything you stand for to one word, what would it be?


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