System Annihilated - Furor (Discouraged Records)

System Annihilated
February 18, 2013
Discouraged Records

It's really hard to believe that System Annihilated's album Furor is a debut album. The band hails from Sweden. Nuff Said. This is an album you should buy. It's only a half an hour long, but it'll be the best half hour of your day! I recommend you play it twice.

Furor starts off big. "This Apocalypse" is strong and heavy. It's full of awesome guitars and bitchin' riffage. Christoffer Jonsson's vocals are in your face. He is fierce. If killer guitars are what you're hankerin' for, look no further. Petter Adsten and Kalle Kjellberg are gobsmackingly amazing. They play with the viv and verve of musicians twice their age.

The title track, "Furor" is tight. Joel Widengren Llundstrom and Viktor Kroger are the rhythm section responsible for this wonderful feat of time keeping. Sure, all bands have a rhythm section, but it does take a certain skill to be this steady, regimented, and crisp. The song "Furor" is all of these things. The last thirty seconds of the song are squeeeee worthy!

"What We Created" is up next and it sounds like a brisk romp through the Swedish country side. If by brisk romp you are on a snowmobile with giant werewolf like creatures chasing after you with the intent of making you their dinner. This is another song where the drumming is just kick ass top notch.

"The Bitter End" starts of a bit creepy. It's the guitar sound. It has the big blockbuster sound of an action movie. About 70 seconds into the song, System Annihilated gets a bit jazzy and groovy on ya. There is a bit of the ol' grind. "The Bitter End" is a great headbanging song. This is also a great song to dance the Paso Doble to. System Annihilated are just that good! They write for both types of dance!

The rest of System Annihilated's album Furor is just as amazing. I'm totally in love with this album. It's got beats. It's got attitude. It's got complexity. You can dance to it!

You have to do two things...
ONE - go like them on Facebook
TWO - go buy the album!


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