Musing on Music - Mine Road

A transcontinental adventure through music is the best way to describe Mine Road. The band calls Dublin, Ireland home, but they are from such mind bending places as Dublin, Sydney Australia and Jersey City... As in New Jersey! Hell, any band of note is from Jersey! Mine Road is a nice and steady rock and roll band. One would even describe the sound as fresh and stripped down.  "The Door" has some sweet southern tinges to it. It doesn't distract from the truly heavy riffage courtesy of Stu Cash and Dave Flood. "The Door" reminds me of what was good about heavy metal and hard rock music back in the day. Ken Carthy has a strong voice that is easily understandable. No growly Cookie Monster vocals here. Just soulful and almost bluesy. "Nightmare" is another hook laden track. It's the perfect head to the local bar, drink some beer and shoot some pool song. It screams bell bottoms, bandanas, and bad ass motorcycles. "Too Late" kicks up that Southern Rock feel to 11. Stu and Dave are truly grooving and Steve Cash on drums is in the pocket for sure. The song sounds like the cool 90s hard rock songs that permeated the airwaves. "Too Late" is a catchy song and something you can easily sing along with. "California" also has that throwback to the 90s hard hitting heavy metal sound. Thirty seconds in you are bobbing your head along. Ken's vocals are choice here. "I've been searching for the meaning before I fall out into the night." The over all feel of "California" is really cool. The guitar tones and overall song structure are familiar. "California" sounds like a song you've heard before and really liked but just can't place it. You can get their debut EP on iTunes. Satellite is a groove laden romp through the rock and roll landscape.


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