February Friday Night Dance Party

Greetings and Salutations! Thanx ever so much for tuning in to another hip swaying, groove laden, beat thumpin' FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY!  Welcome to the February edition. Before we get our groove on, I'd like to remind you that in just 12 more days - February 13 The Kali Diaries unveils a brand spanking new column. Every month in the year 2013, The Kali Diaries will bring to you wicked words from some of the hottest musicians in the verse. Remember to check this space and to check it often! Now without further adieu, here is your Friday Night Dance Party line up!

Fen - Of Losing Interest
I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing Fen's album Of Losing Interest for This Is Not a Scene. Fen have released a video for the title track and it's a mind bender.  Says guitarist / vocalist Doug Harrison "The song 'Of Losing Interest' broke new ground for us. We didn't try to shape it into some convoluted or grandiose structure. We just let the riff be a riff and do its job and we kept the dynamics fairly steady throughout. At one point I considered titling the song, The Grump, based on the fact that the lyrics are from the perspective of someone who detests social interactions and does what he can to either cut them short or avoid them altogether. Overall, the video is a lofi attempt to reveal what might be inside his head."

Havok - Point of No Return
Havok spends much of their time on the road, but they took time out to make a video for an EP released last spring. Point of No Return will tide all good Havok fans while they spend the first few months of 2013 in the studio.  They will, of course, hit the road once again. Of the video, Point of No Return, vocalist / guitarist Dave Sanchez says, "The lyrics of ‘Point Of No Return’ are highly interpretable, but the message of the video pretty simple: The world as we know it is a delicate place and we have never had such a high capacity to destroy the human race as we do now. At some point, our self-made concoction of nuclear/biological weaponry, ancient superstitious beliefs, nationalism, corruption, ignorance, and conflicting ideologies is going to become lethal, on a global scale. We live in a time like no other and it’s obvious that if we don’t change our behavior, it’s only a matter of time before the world is extinguished at the hand of fanatics. It’s literally within everyone’s power to leave the world a little nicer than we found it. Don’t believe everything you’re told: Think for yourself.”

 The Secret - Seven Billion Graves
The Secret have put together a very interesting video for their song Seven Billion Graves. It's stunning to watch and a bit unsettling. Seven Billion Graves is from their fourth album, Agnus Dei. Director Shazzula Nebula explains the video thus, There’s no story, no band members, and indeed, no humans present. Cameras roam the remains of dead civilizations or skitter over broken terrain. All is rendered in greys and blacks. It’s a grim vision, and a fair aesthetic match for THE SECRET’s stark metalcore. No rounded edges or straight lines here.”

Oceano - Slow Murder
Chicago's own Oceano have been a bit quiet of late. They are hard at work on a brand new album. The follow up to 2010's Contagion will be released later this year on Earache Records. The new disk entitled Incisions will contain this song, Slow Murder. Guitarist Nick Conser comments, "The new Oceano comes out today.  Get ready for it.  We're starting a new chapter in this band.  We're not selling out.  We're not getting soft.  We're getting more fucked up and bringing more hate.  And if you want us to change, then you're gonna be disappointed.  We're not gonna replicate any album that we've ever released.  We're going to get more evil than anything you've heard from this band.  Today will show the start of how hateful this record is gonna be."

Satan's Wrath - Slaves of the Inverted Cross
Slaves of the Inverted Cross is the newest track released from last year's Galloping Blasphemy album. The band made a collective statement about the video. “We are ghouls of the shallow graves marching to battle against God.” Well, there you go then!

 The Sheds - Ignorance Is Bliss
 California Pop Punk band The Sheds have released the first single from their upcoming album I'll Be Fine. Frontman Mac Miller gave the band's reasoning behind the decision to release the single early, "In light of recent displays of intolerance, we are releasing the first song off this new record earlier than anticipated." Adding, ""Ignorance Is Bliss" is our stance as supporters of equal rights. We believe there is no excuse (religious or other) to alienate any person or group."



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