Wagonhouse Winery

I had the extreme pleasure of being introduced to Wagonhouse Winery over the weekend. I know nothing about wine except what I think tastes good and what I think tastes bad. I'm not a wine snob. I don't drink wine in a posh way. I liked Wagonhouse Winery. It's tucked in very South Jersey. YES. New Jersey. The state. New Jersey makes delicious wines. Well, Wagonhouse Winery does. It's located on at 1401 Route 45, Swedesboro, NJ in South Harrison Township. It's tucked in the bucolic South Jersey farmlands. This area is why New Jersey is known as the garden state. The vinyard and winery is family owned and operated. It's very inviting and comfortable. The tasting I attended allowed a sip of all the wines on the menu. They have something for every taste.
  • Apple Table Wine - tastes like a very light Magners Cider.
  • Blueberry Table Wine - WOW, just WOW!! Amazing! It's a "dry" wine that's not overly sweet. I loved the taste.
  • Fallen Quaker - another WOW! I was told that people use this wine to make brownies. I believe them. It's delicious! You can taste the coffee in this wine. The chocolate and lavender are subtle, but the coffee is just nom nom nom!
  • Jersey Girl - has an interesting flavour. It's perfect for mixing with Rita's water ice or mixing with Sprite and a light white rum.
  • Ornery Apple - this is an amazing wine as the taste is completely different whether you drink it hot or cold. Cold it has the taste of a Magners or Somersbys. Hot it evokes Christmas hot apple cider drunk around a fireplace. It's amazing to taste the difference.
  • Shore Thing - is very sweet and tastes of mango. It's quite yummy!
  • Sundance - has the most divine smell. I predominantly smelt and tasted the almond and the honey was a secondary taste with the sweet peaches as an aftertaste. There is so much going on in your mouth when you drink it.
  • Sweet Love - a "heavier", "denser" tasting blueberry and pomegranate wine. Did you kno w that New Jersey is the blueberry capital of the world? Now you do!
  • Peck's Bad Boy is very sweet and quite berry.
The price for the wines are reasonable, very affordable and totally worth the cost. If you live in Jersey or Pennsy, it's definitely worth the drive to South Harrison - Route 45 to tastes and purchase wine from Wagonhouse Winery. If you are visiting New Jersey, plan a trip to Wagonhouse Winery for a tasting. You'll walk out with several bottles. The affordability of the wines also make them perfect for gifts. Sure, you'll get the... "New Jersey makes wine?" But the wine is quite delicious!!!

Definitely check them out! www.wagonhousewinery.com
They are open Friday Noon to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday Noon to 5pm.


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