68 Scars is Here!!!

Jay Fotos, Mark Kidwell, and Nat Jones have been busy little bees. They are the architects of 68, one of the most original Zombie comics and stories to come across in years! The premise, February 13, 1968, the world changes. Time stops. Zombie apocalypse. So now our men and women have to fight off the Viet Cong AND Zombies from both sides.

Hot off the heels of winning five (5) awards:
Artist of the Year 2011 Nat Jones, Best One Shot 2011 '68 Hardship, Cover of the Year 2011 '68 Hardship Cover A, Best Kill of the Year 2011 Miss Landers is eaten by Zombies, and Colorist of the Year 2011 Jay Fotos. You have GOT to read this series! Head over to http://www.68zombie.com/ and just buy everything!

'68 Scars comes out April 11, and if you see it, buy it! The 68 fellows say there will NOT be a second printing.

'68 Comics will be at the Phoenix Comicon Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27. Their both is a cornucopia for the eyes you don't want to miss.


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