The "Good" Friday Night Dance Party

Hello my little Droogies! It's another First Firday - a Good one at that and I'm here with some groovy music to get your weekend started!

First up is Wretched - Dilated Disappointment from their newest album Son of Perdition

How about a little Onslaught - The Sound of Violence? Onslaught are finishing up their FIRST ever tour of the USA. Hope you caught them!

Now for something completely different.... a Viking Metal band from .... Illinois! Fall of Eden with Jagermeister. How can you not like a song called Jagermeister!

Savage Messiah's Six Feet Under the Gun from their newest release Plague of Conscience
Now this is guitar playing at its best! Shred-tastic!

And now for something a little "heavy".... Heaven Shall Burn doing Not My God. erm ok... BUT it features Burkhard Schmitt of Hate Squad ***swoon**** on vocals. This was shot March 26th of this year.

Here's one from the best metal band in the UK - Collapse. This is called Forsaken and is taken from thier Download appearance. And yes, Duncan's hair is just that beautiful! LOL

This Is The Last Call!!!!! well, your last video. A scorcher from Sworn To Oath. Keep it Metal my friends!


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