Musing on Music: Fall of Eden

Long Boats on Lake Michigan?! Say it isn't so! But alas, the next best Viking Folk Metal band is NOT from Finland (How did this happen? Is it allowed? Will the Finns retaliate?) but from gasp..... Downers Grove,  Illinois!

Fall of Eden gives us Wargasm which is  from the Warrior Demos. I love the composition as it makes me want to head bang and folk dance at the same time. Russ Knobel's vocals are gruff and evil. Steve Howe and Taylor Cooper on guitars are in happy harmony. There is a lot of movement to the song, a lot of forward progress.  The song has shades of Kirk Hammett solos and runs meshing with some Janick Gers/ Dave Murray/ Adrian Smith guitar harmonies. There is even a nifty bass line that bobs and weaves throughout the song.

Til Valhall is an amazing frenetic mosh pit extravaganza. It's Finntroll and Korpiklaani for the American set. There is plenty of mead drinking and dead animal on an open firey pit eating and dancing around large fires in animal skin to be done whilst listening to the music. The vocal harmonies are killer! Taylor, Steve, and Russ bring to mind the harmonies in Monty Python. The music just puts a smile on your face. Fall of Eden has some great bass riffage courtesy of  vocalist Russ Knobel. It's always refreshing to hear "metal" and get such wicked bass lines.

The Warrior off The Warrior Demos is a whirl wind dervish of music. Again the guitars and bass are crazy complex. The drumming by Evan Howe is solid. The vocals here are more growly and menacing. It gives the song a more darker feel. The song does segue into more Maidenesque territory, but it works. You can tell what bands influenced these Illinois Vikings, and you don't mind, because they take their influences and blend them into something fresh and fun.

You can pick up the 11 track Warrior Demos from CDBaby: Buy Fall of Eden here!
While there peruse 2008 EP, 2006 Dawn of a New Age, and the re-release of 2005 Fall of Eden.
Dont' take my word for it, head over to and download a few of the songs. Give them a spin. Then go on a well deserved buying frenzy! Warrior Demos is a kick ass album for the spring of 2012!!/theEpicFoE


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