Showing Some BIOHAZARD love!

17 January 2012
Gramercy Theatre, NYC

Geek alert! Geek alert! Geek alert! My first Biohazard show was in Germany. Actually, my first few Biohazard shows were in Germany. So more than a decade ago when I was able to see Biohazard at L'Amours in Brooklyn, I jumped at the chance - even though I had no idea how to get there Welcome to the subway system This show was much easier. The Gramercy Theatre is on the Lower East Side. Take the 6. It's right there! Biohazard hit the stage to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. "New York, are you fucking ready?" queries Billy Graziadei. Hey planet Earth, are YOU ready? Biohazard kills live. Brutal from start to finish. The drum opener for Chamber Spins Free is solid eargasm. Billy had some technical problems with his guitar so Scott Roberts (bass player) took over on vocal for the first half of the song. Guitar fixed, Billy returned without missing a beat! "The beauty of fucking hardcore."

The energy coming off the stage was intense! Reborn sounds aces live, forceful even. The live guitar sound is rich and thick. Come Alive is frakking aces. Bug out to the new shit - it's more brutal and heavy live. I hope you have the album Reborn in Defiance. I really do! You can tell the band are enjoying themselves on stage. They played Black, White, and Red - an oldie but a goodie. A frakking awesome pit broke out on the floor. "Assholes and elbows like it was in 1986" says Scott.

Danny Schuler was a monster behind the kit. Just amazing. The band is fit and tight. they are playing at 11. Down For Life was on on the set as well as a killer version of Howard Beach. It was psychotically fast! Biohazard are playing with an amazing groove! Graziadei, Roberts, Schuler, and Hambel just fit together so well on stage. It's a connection that can be felt in the audience. Biohazard has proved yet again that they are a band to be reckoned with.

P.S. There is nothing better than seeing a huge ass bald dude in a wife beater bust a move on stage. Scott Roberts has mad dance skills!


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