Southern Train Gypsy

Sometimes the music gods drop things in your lap in the most unexpected ways. Uptapped Radio posted their top 10 requests for Friday. Coming in at #3 was Southern Train Gypsy's "Hallelujah in the Fire".  I was intrigued by the name so clicked on it. Southern Train Gypsy's Facebook page took me to their bandcamp page...  Where GUNSLINGER is available for a free download. I urge you to download it. It is swinging, swaggering, dirty, southern rock. It's all about southern rock that is good in this world. The vocals are gritty and down low. Yes, there is some growling and screaming, but it just frakking works. The guitar work can only come from Texas! LOL It's got groove. It's got soul. It's got that swagger of rock and roll that is sorely lacking in today's music. The track is from their debut album Hallelujah In The Fire. It was released on 02 January on Bandcamp: Southern Train Gypsy - album "Hallelujah in the Fire"  Do yourself a favour and pick this one up. You'll be glad you did!


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