SPAWN OF POSSESSION: Album Details And Artwork Unveiled

Genre defying Swedish uber musicians SPAWN OF POSSESSION have announced the final details for their upcoming third full-length album, Incurso. This is the band's first album for Relapse Records. It is already one of the hottest, most anticipated death metal releases of 2012.

It's been confirmed that the release date for North America is on March 13th. Incurso was recorded with engineer Magnus Sedenberg at Pama Studios in Kristianopel, Sweden, and offers up nearly an hour's worth of the band's layered death metal urgency. Utilizing devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex songwriting, the members of SPAWN OF POSSESSION have vowed to their diehard fans that their already internationally renowned technical wrath will be displayed at its finest and most demoralizing to date on this opus. Check out Incuro's track listing and striking cover art by graphic artist Par Olofsson.

Incurso Track Listing:  
1. Abodement
2. Where Angels Go Demons Follow
3. Bodiless Sleeper
4. The Evangelist
5. Servitude of Souls
6. Deus Avertat
7. Spiritual Deception
8. No Light Spared
9. Apparition 


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